Devoted Husbands and Wives:
Don’t Let Your Family Struggle When You’re Gone
The Uncomfortable Day My Family Chose to Plan Ahead

When my sister’s father-in-law John suddenly passed away at age 73, everyone thought his estate was in order.

He enjoyed talking about the wise investments that would soon pay off, and occasionally mentioned that his insurance would cover his wife for years to come.

John was relatively healthy, and his sudden passing came to a shock to everyone that knew him.

But that shock wasn’t as big as what came next.

Over cups of warm coffee one cold afternoon, my visiting sister and her husband told us the full story.

“What my father thought was Life Insurance,” my brother-in-law said,

“turned out to be Accidental Death Insurance.”

“It’s not the same thing.”

“The plan Dad had was worthless.”

“And now… Mom’s not getting a penny.”

He grew silent and focused on his coffee.

I asked what they would do.

“We don’t have many options,” my sister said.

“Have you thought about a fundraiser?” I asked.

“It doesn’t feel right, asking other people to pay for our family.”

“So we’re maxing out our credit cards to pay for a proper farewell.”

We were astounded.

They, of course, were devastated.

John believed he was leaving his wife with enough money to pay off their modest home and reliable car.

And all along, this loving grandfather, father, and husband had the “wrong plan”…

…and didn’t know it!

After my sister’s family left, I turned to my wife and said,

“What happened to my sister won’t happen to us.”

“We have to provide our family with better financial security… in case one of us…”

My wife nodded, ending our brief, uncomfortable conversation.

Now, we had a loose grip on our monthly finances, but we didn’t know much about our future needs and life insurance.

So I shared my sister’s story with friends, and asked about their situation.

I learned that insurance plan “mis-matches” turned out to be a common problem…

That the unexpected costs of a loved one’s passing can put additional stress on even the most frugal of families…

And that 70% of Americans are underinsured with their life insurance,

Putting The People That Depend On Them At Considerable Risk.

Why are people underinsured?

Maybe because they don’t know any better, like John…

…or because they don’t trust traditional insurance companies…

…or they simply haven’t considered what will happen to their family after their own passing.

We fell into that last group.

And my wife and I certainly didn’t know enough to make informed decisions about our future finances.

We wanted to find intelligent and specific life insurance plans that would meet our family’s needs.

Finding a plan like that, we figured, required a trusted advisor, sharing our family and community values.

And we knew we wouldn’t find that with a traditional financial firm.

That’s why we turned to a highly-rated fraternal organization for our life insurance.

With their competitively priced insurance options, this organization is member-owned — meaning their focus is on members like us, not on corporate shareholders.

In fact, there are over 2 million of these member-owners, sharing our values.

Through the unfortunate story of my sister’s family, we’ve learned the importance of having the right life insurance plan.

We’re now covered for 10 years of lost income if something happens — God forbid — and this peace of mind only costs us a few dollars every month.

If you’re not covered by a premium life insurance plan, I invite you to call today to see how this 118-year-old firm can help you and your family.

You never know what tomorrow may bring.

Why not make the call now? They’re open every weekday from 9 to 5 Central time.

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