9 Million Disabled Americans
“Missing Out” of Full Medicare Benefits “Another Medicare” to Cover Prescriptions, Vision, Dental, & More

In 2019, young Mike J. Palmer was in the fight for his life.

Every month, money was tight. Rent for his two bedroom in Pensacola, clothes for the kids, and never enough food.

Due to a disability, Mike couldn’t work…

And He Was Still Years Away From Retirement Age!

It all started three years before, when he took a trip to the doctor.

Mike just wanted to check on some numbness and pain in his feet.

He didn’t think it was anything too severe,

But his doctor wasn’t so sure.

So the doctor performed a quick A1C diabetes test and sent it to the lab.

Mike still remembers answering the doctor’s call.

The Helpless, Sinking Feeling As He Listened On The Phone.

“The lab results are back,” the doctor said. “Mike… you have Type II Diabetes.”

The doctor explained that the growing numbness was a result of irreparable nerve damage from his diabetes.

Something called diabetic peripheral neuropathies.

Mike didn’t care what they called it — the

Pain Made It Impossible To Work!

With the help of his family, he signed up for Social Security Disability Insurance.

SSDI provided monthly payments to help cover his expenses.

They worked as a safety net, but many months it just wasn’t enough.

And after 24 months, his healthcare was handed over to Medicare.

Mike’s original Medicare plan cost him at least $144 every month — about a week’s worth of groceries.

Which was difficult to cover with those SSDI payments.

Plus the cost of his various medications.

And some months — like when the kids got sick — the family’s medical expenses were even higher.

Mike’s Family Was Barely Scraping By.

He always thought of himself as a reliable and devoted husband.

But unable to work, he was feeling trapped by the system.

Mike’s bills began to pile up.

And with all the stress, his health slipped further.

One late night, unable to sleep, Mike switched on the TV.

He watched a commercial for a little-known Medicare plan that offered incredible benefits to people in Mike’s situation—

Men and Women Under 65 That Can’t Work Due to a Disability!

Mike’s condition meant he was eligible for extremely low-cost healthcare plans from national insurance providers.

Plans that were designed specifically for his medical condition.

And some of these plans started with $0 deductibles for prescription drugs and $0 copays for doctor visits!

For the first time in years, Mike felt a glimmer of hope.

If he could lower their costs without cutting their medical care… his family’s financial stress would finally ease up!

Mike did a quick internet search and learned about the benefits of these Medicare Advantage plans.

Benefits He Had Never Dreamed Of!

Not only were the $0 deductible and $0 copays possible…

…drastically lowering what Mike had to pay for his drugs…

…but there was a boatload of other benefits to these plans.

They offered vision exams and new glasses…

Even dental care, helping Mike maintain his overall health.

He read about the quarterly stipend for the local pharmacy, saving him money on family essentials like toothpaste, medicine, vitamins, and food.

The plans even offered transportation to and from doctor appointments, so his wife didn’t need to take off work to drive him.

Best of all, these Medicare Advantage benefits were available to Americans with Disabilities under 65 with

No Additional Monthly Costs!

And with the right plan, his $144 monthly Medicare premium might be lowered… or even eliminated!

For someone in Mike’s situation… where life kept getting more difficult and dark…

This Seemed Too Good to be True — But It Wasn’t!

Mike was excited by the possibilities of Medicare Advantage, and he didn’t know where to begin.

So late that night, Mike quickly took this short quiz to determine if he qualified for a Medicare Advantage plan.

The next day, he spoke with a licensed Medicare agent.

Due to his condition, the agent explained, Mike was one of over

9 Million Americans Under Age 65 Who Qualify For a Medicare Advantage Plan!

The agent simplified Mike’s healthcare with a new plan specific to Mike’s medical needs.

To Mike, this was “another Medicare” that he hadn’t heard of just days before!

The new Medicare plan changed Mike’s life and finances.

He looks at that day as the turning point.

He can’t imagine where his life would have gone if he hadn’t learned about this quiz.

Do You Qualify for More Benefits?

If you’re under 65 and unable to work due to a health condition, you too might qualify for the incredible benefits that come with a Medicare Advantage plan:

  • Plans starting at $0 deductible and $0 copays!
  • Vision insurance, including eye exams and new glasses!
  • Dental insurance that covers routine checkups and even dentures!
  • Transportation to and from doctor appointments to ensure you arrive safely… without difficult arrangements for friends and family!
  • Quarterly allowances for necessities and staples from your pharmacy!
  • Home delivered meals ensure you’re getting proper nutrition and hot meals!
  • Phone appointments with doctors and nurses to eliminate some in-person visits!
  • In-home health aides if you’re in need of physical assistance!
  • Even in-home massages!

Here are what some Medicare Advantage recipients have to say about their new plan:

“We also love the no insurance submission forms and red tape, or fighting with doctor vs insurance company.” —DE

“I am not shoveling money into extra premiums month after month that are gone no matter what. Plus, no bills coming in the mail.” —SP

“‘Mobility’ in the present and future is a factor… Being able to do some things by telephone appointments is certainly convenient.” —DM

Over 200,000 Americans have taken this quiz to determine if they’re eligible.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t Wait To Get The Healthcare Benefits You Deserve!

The tremendous benefits from a specialized Medicare Advantage plan are available to many men and women under 65 who are unable to work due to a medical condition.

It only takes a few minutes, it’s completely free — and it can change the course of your life.